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Live Show:

"Though all music is a form of art, Cleveland's Infinite Number of Sounds takes that idea and runs with it, mixing noise sampling, digital video imagery and experimental rock to the ultimate visual/musical experience. Imagine the interesting amalgam that comes from mixing drum & bass, rock, hip-hop and electronic music all together on one album. With a blend of noise, beat, rhythm and digital video images, Infinite Number of Sounds does just that. The experimented with a wide range of musical forms on their first album, Time Wants a Skeleton, and every song offers a varied mood and instrumental approach. INS started making music by putting as many musicians as they could together to musically recreate all the works of Shakespeare and ended as an experimental, media-art collective, composing chimerical, dense post-rational collages. Though they're relatively new to the music scene, they've already left a noticeable impact on it."
- Pittsburgh Pulp

"Fans continue to be mesmerized by the instrumental quartet's unique audio-visual assault. "Out of town bands usually don't draw," he says Northside owner Ed Rush. "But since that first show, they've been a headliner and I think people here really appreciate how unusual the presentation is and what nice guys they are."
- Cincinnati Enquirer (full article)

"Few bands manage to be as stimulating visually as they are musically, but Cleveland's Infinite Number of Sounds is all about sensory overload. The band's multi-media live shows are both dizzying and dramatic, with the four-piece incorporating digital video imagery into their sets and synching it up with the beat. The band's amorphous electro-rock is just as elaborate, spanning everything from experimental electronica to bristling post-rock on their latest, Time Wants a Skeleton. Bounded by nothing but the players' own imaginations, this group's sound is among the most open-ended around. "
- Cleveland Scene

"On any level, you must love a band whose self-description includes the phrase "from breakbeat to babershop." This band isn't just a clever name; they attack the concept literally, building a multimedia imagery assault around an electro-rock firmament. The projected video is actually edited live to the beat by artist Gummow. As apt to perform at an art installation as they are at a music summit, Infinite Number of Sounds seems to be one of the more interesting tickets on a very full weekend."
- INtake (Indianapolis, IN)

"Cleveland's never seen anything like them: half rock thrashers, half experimental video artists, half hip-hop break beatsters, half tripped out studio wizards - it all adds up to something sweet, sharp and sincerely new."
- Cool Cleveland

"If ever a band's name could be considered truth in advertising, Infinite Number of Sounds would pathologically fit that bill. Utilizing a Drum & Bass pulse, an Electronic brain wave and a Noise Rock soul, INOS successfully folds their wildly scattered musical expression into a tightly sequenced and intriguingly topical multimedia experience."
- Cincinnati City Beat

For Radio Whales:

"It’s been said before in these pages, but it bears repeating: you’ve never seen or heard anything like this come out of Cleveland in such a defined way. INS takes everything (and the kitchen sink) and drops it into a Cuisinart full of tripped out/swirling sounds, spoken word chills and delicious punk thrills. Implementing these sounds with the benefit of experimental video wizardry only peppers the experience. But does the disc need digital audio-visuals to have impact? Not at all. The great thing about Radio Whales is that the production inspires the cinema in your head to create its own film noir or, perhaps more accurately, your own lost episode of “The X-Flies.” "
- Cool Cleveland (full review)

"Cleveland’s indie rock experimental group Infinite Number of Sounds deliver a one-two punch that will strike fear in the heavyweights of experimental music. Using musical collages as their playground, the band generates early rock-n-roll grooves with pop-rock hooks and electro’s cut-and-paste song structure. With a slew of bands that are starting to incorporate odd electronica into their rock formulas, one could initially think that this is burgeoning on the realm of derivative but that would be missing their best attribute, which simply stated is the genius marriage of melody and seemingly chaotic ambience. Art rock that’s damn good."
- (full reveiw)

"The sort of blocky, introspective instrumentals that I tend to enjoy. There's a logic to each piece, and nonetheless the playing is engaging and fun. These boys ride a fine line between automation and exuberance--and they make that tension last all album."
- Aiding & Abetting (full review)

"Sounds like something that Radiohead's Thom Yorke was meant to take part in, a presentation that focuses on the significance of sound, and the various possibilities of an instrument at hand. The guitar really talks to you, with sequenced sounds capable of pinching every nerve and conjuring many emotional imags in your mind. Absorb and inhale the sounds of Infinite Number of Sounds, this new enjoyable blend of experimental rock."
- Rag Magazine (full review)

"Overall, this disc is a top-notch release that deserves way more attention then it can ever get. Its amazing that INS has found a way to produce a rock album that tests you, educates you, stretches your perceptions, and entertains on several levels all at once without coming of as elitist or snobby. Hopefully, this disc will gain them enough respect in the rock community to help the word spread and allow them to continue to grow. As they grow I hope they can enter the mainstream, and then make changes to the stale face of rock from within. There is no reason Infinite Number Of Sounds should be ignored ever again, and this album proves that."
- Domain Cleveland (full review)

"...before long the songs start to feel like friends and you begin to appreciate the absolute originality of it all."
- Recoil Magazine (full review)

For Time Wants a Skeleton:

"Cleveland's genre-hopping Infinite Number of Sounds is a treat. Never content to settle into a single sound or vibe, they mark their own territory in the post-rock terrain with their debut album, Time Wants a Skeleton."
- All Music Guide (full review)

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