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Time Wants a Skeleton - January 2003
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Ending Strong

These days are our last. My best friend, creative collaborator and Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company co-founder, co-operator and co-creditor, Brent Gummow is bound for the green pastures of San Francisco. He and I are the last remaining founding members of Infinite Number of Sounds and without him... this band is fucked. We are done. We have scheduled 3 final performances.


Show number 198 - Wednesday, March 11, 2009 - Infinite Number of Sounds Presents: ZOMBIES

Live at Bela Dubby
13321 Madison Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44107
(216) 221-4479)

Featuring special guests: Fluxmonkey and 9-Volt Haunted House

This will be a unique INS performance consisting of a pre-edited 20-30 minute "BRAINS-flavored" video featurette and live semi-improvised soundtrack by INS, Fluxmonkey and 9VHH. Brent from INS (karmapoint) will be performing live videos the rest of the night which will feature additional sets by both guests and a free-for-all improv.


Show Number 199 - Thursday, March 12, 2009 - Live from Lincoln House

Live webcast from Lincoln House (Infinite Number of Sounds' creative lair). You can view it on the front page of our website at 10:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 12, 2009.


Show Number 200 - Saturday, March 14, 2009 - Live at ALL GO SIGNS

Live at ALL GO SIGNS Warehouse
1936 West 96th Street (off Madison)
Cleveland, OH 44102

Featuring special guests: Ocean Ghosts, Electric Grandmother and ToBoxWithMan

This will be our final performance and official release party for the third and final Infinite Number of Sounds release entitled "The Island of Misfit Noise".


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Warm regards,
David Mansbach
Infinite Number of Sounds

New Track on Myspace

Swing by the INS Myspace page to listen to our new track. "Pokey" will join "Strangler vs Strangler" on the still yet-to-be-titled new album which we are getting closer to completing. The only things left to do (besides the obvious task of seleting a title), is to record conScience's parts and come up with an additional track or two to complete the collection.

What could possibly be taking us so long? Well... glad you asked. We've spoken often of the other INS projects and several of them will finally see the light of day. We have in our hands, not one, but TWO new albums by Dave's Trepanning Trio project. Both of those will be released on CD and in the brand new Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company digital storefront in December or January. Additional albums that will be released digitally include the long-awaited Nemo Nemon album and lovely album from Ancillary. Finally, we'll be re-releasing digital versions of the label's first three albums: Time Wants a Skeleton, Chain of Words, and Radio Whales.

Each digital album will be available in two different flavors. The Standard version will consist of a zip archive of 128kbs mp3 files and all traditional album artwork. These editions will stay true to existing CD tracklists and will be available on a "pay what you like" scale of $0-5. The Deluxe versions will be a fixed $7 price, but will bump all mp3 files to 320kbs and will include additional bonus tracks that are often unavailable anywhere else. Additional bonus material will often also accompany these versions, but that will be handled on a case by case basis.

One exception to the standard/deluxe release pattern will be a retrospective Infinite Number of Sounds B-sides and Rarities collection which will only be available in deluxe format. It will be released shortly after the new album and will include the bonus tracks from all three INS albums as well as some never before released singles.

Stay tuned and enjoy "Pokey" over at myspace!

INS Play Ocean Ghosts CD Release

OG has done us the honor of inviting us to perform at Skully's in Columbus on Saturday, October 25th to celebrate the release of their third full-length album. WE CAN'T WAIT! This is going to be mind-blowing with the giant screen at Skully's.

The ghosts have furthered the honor by also inviting Brent to peform live visuals during their set as well. Just imagine J Rhodes hairy belly and fanny pack projected 20 feet tall? Need we say more!

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Infinite Number of Sounds
w/ Ocean Ghosts, Lollipop Factory, Brian Brown & Dave Espionage
1151 North High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43212

Electric Grandmother Hosts INS

INS returns to Columbus to make out with the Electric Grandmother at Andyman's Treehouse (which has changed ownership and name - i think)! EG has been prolific as usual cranking out new tunes with reckless abandon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Infinite Number of Sounds
w/ Electric Grandmother, Take No Damage, Nerd Table
Andyman’s Treehouse
887 Chambers Rd
Columbus, Ohio 43212

Finite Number of Offspring

Dave Offspring

While we make the world patiently wait for the upcoming release of the third full-length LP from Infinite Number of Sounds, we are proud to display proof that at least one member of the group is capable of breeding. Dave is expecting the birth of his first son, which has a working title of "the lime," in early October. The image on this page was carefully selected from a large crop of ultrasound photographs which all appear to share the young fruit's "junk".

Not to waste his time in wait, Dave, who has already produced all three of the INS Rec Co. existing release and a handful that never got to see the light of day, is nearing completion on the third yet-to-be-named album for INS and not one, but TWO Trepanning Trio albums.

INS @ Ingenuity Festival of Art and Technology!

Friday, July 25 - 10:15-11:00PM
Infinite Number of Sounds
@ Ingenuity Festival
Downtown Cleveland
Playhouse Square District

Long Awaited Return to Cincinnati

INS will be bringing their brand new lineup and set to the Northside Tavern in Cincinnati on Friday, July 11th, 2008. We'll be playing with our pals in the Gregory Morris Group which should make for quite an adventure down there. We've heard rumors of there being some rennovations to our favorite venue and are excited to see the new room.

Friday, July 11th, 2008
Infinite Number of Sounds
w/ the Gregory Morris Group
Northside Tavern
4163 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Worship the Toad on 6/14

Everybody Loves Hypno-toadINS will be bringing their brand new lineup and set to Mickey Finn's in Toledo on Saturday, June 14th, 2008. The event is an Installation Exhibit After Party thrown by Quest for Fire Studios.

Quest For Fire Studios Mixed Media Event
Installation Exhibit After Party
Saturday June 14
Mickey Finn's Pub
602 Lagrange Toledo Ohio 43602
Infinite Number of Sounds
Seven Deadly Five
Dooley Wilson
Others TBA

Strangler vs Strangler

New Song - New Shows

We just uploaded a new track from our yet to be titled (or completed) third album up on myspace.

Strangler vs. Strangler, the new track, will be performed at our upcoming show at All Go Signs on Sat. May 24th along with several other new songs and videos. This will also be our first show with new member cONScIENcE, formerly of Basement Love Underground.

Former INS drummer Ron Tucker will also be on the bill with his new band, City Breathing, from NYC.

Hope to see folks out there!

In loving memory of Zoe Alan Schultz.

Daughter, sister, friend, artist. Passed away Feb. 2 2008 at 4:20 a.m. Survived by the Schultz family and friends.

INS Live Electronic Duo

Duo on Vacation

To sum up the last 9 months:
December 2006: INS guitar player & alpha-sequencer Matt Mansbach leaves INS. April 2007: drummer, Ron Tucker moves to NYC in April 2007 leaving Brent and I free to "pursue other creative opportunities"...

Present day: Brent and I hit the road as a duo. Two men, two laptop PCs and one bad-ass new video projector in the back of a Toyota. This leaner and meaner lineup will be performing new material as well as new interpretations of a few of our favorite INS compositions.

We've got two shows under our belt with the new setup and we are now taking what we learned from those experiences and tweaking the set to match our new cabilities. Expect more shows this Fall and Winter!

Ron Tucker Farewell

Ron Tucker Moves

This letter is to notify you, the fans of Infinite Number of Sounds that our friend and drummer Ron Tucker has relocated to New York City with his girlfriend, artist Brenda Stumpf. Ron has always wanted to live in NYC and we wish him the best of luck.

Ron is an exceptionally talented musician. His dedication to his art and craft is steadfast. His ambition is focused, his skills are manifold. I am fortunate to have "grown up" musically, personally and professionally with Ron. We started playing in a band together in 1992. He has been my partner in every serious musical project since. New York's gain is truly Cleveland's loss.

How does this effect our future? Strangely enough, it appears to have made us more musically productive. Ron will continue to work and record with INS. The third Infinite Number of Sounds album is in production. Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company is nearly ready to release an album by Nemo Nemon. Albums by Trepanning Trio, Paucity and To Box With Man are also in production. Please follow the links provided for more information.

Please feel free to write to us at with any questions or comments you may have.

Thank you,
David Mansbach
Infinite Number of Sounds

Career Statistics

We posted INS’s first official stats sheet in November 2003 corresponding with Brent’s annual NBA fantasy basketball league obsession. For a complete list of all the shows INS has played check out:

Total performances played: 185

The bands we have shared the most bills with:
Paucity (Grand Rapids, MI) = 13
Scotty Boombox (Columbus, OH) = 11
DJ Empirical (Cincinnati, OH) = 11
J Scott Franklin (Cleveland, OH) = 8
Ocean Ghosts (Columbus, OH) = 6
Twilight Babies (Detroit, MI) = 5
Utah (Aarhus, Denmark) = 5
Chalk (Cincy, OH) = 5
Electric Grandmother (Columbus, OH) = 5
Oxymoronatron (Dayton, OH) = 5
Lunar Event (Indianapolis, IN) = 5
Sangsara (Toledo, OH) = 4
To Box With Man (Cleveland, OH) = 4
Racermason (Akron, OH) = 4

Number of bands we’ve played with: At least 400 different bands.

Most dead bodies found in the street: 1*

*December 7, 2001 - Dayton, OH - 1470 West Nite Club. We found a dead man lying on the sidewalk. His shoeless feet dangled in the gutter. We flagged down a passing police car. When we returned to the club Brent and I went upstairs to watch a few minutes of the trans-sexual Christmas themed beauty contest. The winner wore a red, fur-lined strapless tube skirt and sang "Santa Baby" Eartha Kitt style as rapturous audience members slid folded bills into pre-op cleavage. As we loaded out, a man who looked suspiciously like Bret Michaels from Poison offered me a place to stay for the night. I declined. We drove back to Cleveland.

Cities most played: Cleveland, OH = 57
Cincinnati, OH = 17*
Toledo, OH = 16
Columbus, OH = 14
Akron, OH = 13
Pittsburgh, PA = 11
Dayton, OH = 7
Detroit, MI = 7
Indianapolis, IN = 7
Grand Rapids, MI = 5

*21 if you count Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky

Best porno ever filmed at an INS show (that we know of): Supercock*

*May 28, 2004 - Buffalo, NY - Continental. While I'm actually not sure about the "quality" of the film, the action/adventure/superhero film/porno "Supercock" wins by default. The second movie filmed was on a friend's cell phone in Indianapolis. The video is completely useless. A young couple got frisky in the room backstage where our gear was being stored. Doors were kicked open. Embarrassment ensued.

Venue* most played: Northside Tavern (Cincinnati, OH) = 14
Lime Spider (Akron, OH) = 10
Micky Finn’s (Toledo, OH) = 9
Beachland (Cleveland, OH) = 9
Grog Shop (Cleveland, OH) = 8
All Go Signs (various locations in Cleveland) = 8
Peabody’s / Pirate’s Cove (Cleveland, OH) = 6
Symposium (Cleveland, OH) = 6
Founder’s Brewing (Grand Rapids, MI) = 4
Club Café (Pittsburgh, PA) = 4
Howard’s (Bowling Green, OH) = 4
Phantasy (Cleveland) = 4

*The total number of venues played is 86

Number of Guest Soloists: 30

10 Percussionists - Sam Hutchinson (Paucity), Anders Ronne (Utah), Jeremy Eaker, Eric Alleman (To Box With Man), Andy Ludick, Dave “Spiz” Marsalek (Spism), Pat McNulty (Low in the Sky), Earl Browne (To Box With Man), Brother Ed (Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival), Mike Cormier (Volta Sound)

6 Vocalists - Eric Alleman (To Box With Man), Alison Lewis (Twilight Babies), Krista Tortora (Low in the Sky), Kelli Scarr (Moonraker), Pete Faust (Electric Grandmother) and Nick Traenkner

2 Turntablists

2 Trumpets

2 Guitars (besides Matt who has played 4 different guitars and 2 basses and is not a guest.)

2 Flutes

1 Accordion

1 Didgeridoo

1 Lap Steel

1 Violin

1 Saxophone

1 Fisher Price "See 'n Say Farmer Says"

Most frequent guest Soloists: J Scott Franklin (Trumpet) = 43
Eric Alleman (To Box With Man - Vox) = 24
Andrew Ludick (Didgeridoo + Percussion) = 7
DJ Empirical (Turntables) = 7
Chris Bober (Guitar, Accordion) = 5
Jeremy Eacker (Percussion) = Unknown (at least 5)
Sam Hutchinson (Paucity - Percussion) = 3

Most guest soloists at a single performance:
04.24.2004* = 6
Guest Soloists - J Scott Franklin (trumpet)
Guest Soloists - Chris Bober (accordion)
Guest Soloists - Eric Alleman (vox)
Guest Soloists - Heather Manalili (violin)
Guest Soloists - Earl Browne (percussion)
Guest Soloists - Daniel Raible (classical guitar)

*J Scott Franklin CD Release Party & INS Recording Company Showcase w/ J Scott Franklin, To Box With Man, & Nemo Nemon

07.17.2004 = 4 (Trumpet, Vox/Percussion, Flute/Shadow Puppets, Percussion)

07.03.2004 = 4 (Trumpet, Vox/Percussion, Flute, Percussion)

10.18.2003 = 4 (Turntables, Vox, Flute, Audience = Chorus)

03.04.2006 = 3 (Turntables, Vox, Percussion)

02.28.2004 = 3 (Trumpet, Accordion, Vox)

02.07.2004 = 3 (Trumpet, Accordion, Vox)

01.16.2004 = 3 (Trumpet, Vox, Percussion/Didgeridoo)

10.30.2003 = 3 (Vox (x2), Trumpet)

Most performances in a single month:
(Does not include radio interviews, television appearances/performances, performances under pseudonyms or guest performances by individual INS members on radio shows or with other projects or other bands etc.)
June 2006 = 8
May 2005 = 8
Sept. 2005 = 7*

(* includes a record tying 3 performances in a 26 hour period. September 16, 2005 - Columbus, OH @ High Five Bar & Grill, September 17, 2005 - Cincinnati, OH @ Alchemize Bar, September 17, 2005 - Indianapolis, IN @ ORANJE)

Greatest number of miles moved in a life-altering relocation:

Ron Tucker - Cleveland, Ohio to Brooklyn, New York (April 2007)
Total Est. Time: 7 hours, 49 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 471.64 miles

Matt Mansbach - Solon, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio (September 2006)
Total Est. Time: 2 hours, 29 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 148.65 miles

Brent Gummow - Toledo, Ohio to Lakewood, Ohio (September 1999)
Total Est. Time: 1 hour 57 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 115 miles

Worst movie seen on the road:

Venom* - Venom was such a trite piece of garbage that Matt and Dave walked out half way through the movie and got their money back. They then sat in the van with no heat until Brent finished watching it.

Black Dahlia - Black Dahlia just sucked.

*although Venom was the worst film, the worst "moviegoing experience" on the road was during Jet Li's "Unleashed" (a very good movie) when I got in a shouting match with a group of women who wouldn't shut the hell up.

Best movie seen on the road: Brent and Dave vote for Jet Li's "Unleashed"

David Mansbach

An Infinite Number of Questions:
INS Interviews INS

by David Mansbach (11.13.2006)

Yes, I am interviewing myself. :

  • What are you listening to lately?

    Dave: I have been listening to a book by William Barnhardt called "Dark Eye"; Dkihr Duo / Efftah; Grand Buffet, and Paucity.

  • Top 5 "trapped alone on a desert island" records?

    Dave: Masada Chamber Ensemble: Bar Kokhba; Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares; The J.B.'s: Funky Good Time: The Anthology; Miles Davis: Kind of Blue;and Mozart: Requiem

  • How have you been spending your time at home lately?

    Dave: I have been mixing and tracking a new album for Paucity and thinking about the new INS material. When the Cavs are playing, I watch the Cavs. I have been trying to spend more time with my family. I have also been throwing out as much clutter as possible. There is a lot of clutter in my house.

  • Top 10 all-time favorite bands?

    Dave: Fugazi, Dog Faced Hermans, Soul Coughing, John Zorn's Masada Chamber Ensemble, Beastie Boys, Paucity, Rachels, Tool, and INS. Pixies, Minutemen and the Smiths take the 10th slot depending on the day.

  • Top 10 favorite bands that INS has played with?

    Dave: Paucity, Scotty Boombox / Ocean Ghosts, Twilight Babies, Chalk, Town & Country, El Guapo (Supersystem); Low in the Sky; Utah; To Box With Man; Town & Country. (Mr. Gnome, Knife Crazy, Electric Grandmother, Drums & Tuba and the Receiver are up there too.)

  • Top 10 favorite bands any band you have played in has played with?

    Dave: WIG, Town & Country, Hefner, Pointless Orchestra, Dhikr Duo, Vambo Marble Eye, Jinkies, Paucity, Paucity, and Utah.

  • How did you meet Matt, Brent and Ron?

    Dave: Matt is my brother. I think I met him at the hospital when he was born. I don't remember it very well. I was only 3. We both started playing instruments at the same time. We studied piano when we were in grade school. I think I picked up bass in 7th or 8th grade, which would have been about 1987.

    I met Ron in late 1992. He responded to a "DRUMMER NEEDED" poster, that my friend John Riccardi and I posted at Madhatter Music in Bowling Green. Strangely enough, he lived right down the hall from us. He was the first of 3 drummers we auditioned. John and I abandoned that project after a month or two and started Ribcage Houdinis with Ron in January of 1993.

    I met Brent in early 1994. Brent's best friend was killed by an allergic bee sting. I think he was 19. Brent was destroyed. While he was in Toledo for the funeral, he lived with his friend (my roommate) Sam and I before returning to school at Xavier.

  • What was your LEAST favorite pet of all-time and why?

    Dave: Hmmm... My least favorite pet is probably one of my fish who survived for less than a week. I have gotten bad batches of sick fish several times. I develop attachments pretty quick, so it would have to be a pet who didn't last long.

  • With "Heroes" on NBC and LeBron James being so awesome, it brings the world of superpowers back into the forefront of pop culture. What one superpower would you like and why?

    Dave: Up until recently, I would have chosen to be invisibile, because invisiblity gives you SO many options... but I think I would like to be super smart... like Sam Dean Science Machine, or Reid Richards without the lame stretchy-ness.

  • And finally... if a band van leaves Cleveland at 6PM on a friday and drives to Cincinnati to play a show and then drives to Indianapolis later that same night to play a second show.... what time will they get back in Cleveland? (Assume there were no problems with the van)

    Dave: That is a trick question. The promoter for the Indy show gets them a hotel room. The band gets back to Cleveland with a minor case of ringworm at 4:47 PM (give or take an hour depending on the time zone difference, if any, given the time of year).

    Ron Tucker

    An Infinite Number of Questions:
    INS Interviews INS

    by David Mansbach (10.24.2006)

    Ronnie, it's your turn to do this interview thing. Aaaaaaand go:

  • Where are you right now?

    Ron: Home.

  • My left hip is really stiff today. I think it's a combination of the cold and my getting my ass kicked by a couple 6'5 asian badasses in Brent's Volleball league Sunday. How do you feel? Any aches or pains?

    Ron: Lower back hurts...I helped Dave Braun move this past weekend...moved a lot of drums, art supplies, a couch, a bed and some big ass paintings...My reasons behind my aches and pains do not sound half as cool as yours!

  • Top 5 "trapped alone on a desert island" records?

    Ron: SHEESH! I guess it would be:

    Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert
    Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
    Janes Addiction - Ritual
    Beethoven - Symphonies 1-9
    Radiohead - OK Computer

  • Top 10 all-time favorite bands?

    Ron: Led Zeppelin, Janes Addiction, Beatles, Coltrane with Classic Quartet, (Miles Davis with Coltrane, Adderley, Chambers, Jo Jones Keith Jarrett with Jack DeJonette and Gary Peacock), Radiohead, Soul Coughing, PJ Harvey, and Bjork

  • Top 10 favorite bands that INS has played with?

    Ron: Paucity, Add N to (X), Drums & Tuba, Mallory, Chalk, Moonraker, Denali, Birth, Town & Country, El Guapo (Supersystem), and Racermason (HA!)

  • Top 10 favorite bands any band you have played in has played with?

    Ron: Album Leaf, Denali (3 times) (once with INS, twice with Racermason), Rasputina, Town & Country, Add N to X, Drums & Tuba, Wig, Paucity, Moonraker, and Joan of Arc

  • Top 10 bands you have played in (HA!)?

    Ron: Ribcage Houdinis (art rock), INS (electro rock media art), Racermason (trip hop), Difficult Object (ambient vibraphone works with cello and percussion)
    Lost State of Franklin (country), Ronnie James Trio (jazz), SAFMOD (percussion ensemble), Cooley Fooley (Rock with Moog, Drums and Guitar with Big Hunk O' Cheese and Spiderfoot guys), First band with no name (cheesy cover tunes from the 80's) (first pic on the pic page), BGR something.... (high school cover band see above)(I have a picture of this too somewhere)

  • What is your favorite memory of Matt, Brent or Dave (me)?

    Ron: Dave - Hell's snow angels! Dave and I used to work together and one winter day while driving to work we looked out at a frozen, snow covered Lake Erie. We discussed how we would love to get a bunch of snowmobiles together to ride across Lake Erie to Canada. We would call ourselves Hell's Snow Angels. It was really funny at the time!

    Brent - in 1995 Brent had sex with my friend's girlfriend! The weird thing is that it was Brent's friend's girlfriend too! We've never talked about it before but looking back now it's kinda' funny... (Dave, you are not going to sensor yourself, are you?) NOTE FROM BRENT: they were broken up at the time and I actually dated her for about a month! Also, I changed the picture next to this interview in retaliation for this memory! ;)

    Matt - When INS all lived under one roof we could not use our toilet for at least three days. After a couple days of working plunger magic with the toilet it still would not properly flush. Finally our landlord had to snake out our toilet. Our landlord found an apple core. How did it get there, Matt?

  • What is the best show INS ever played? Feel free to refer to the "Past Performances" page (it helps).

    Ron: September 6, 2003 - Cleveland - WRUW's Studio-A-Rama w/ Birth, Iyan Anomolie, Kiddo, Victory Flag, The Hot Damn, Cap Gun Cowboys, Lords of the Highway, Slap, & Furnace Street

    Right after this show we headed over to our first ever All Go Signs gig! September 6, 2003 - Cleveland - All Go Signs w/ F.O.M.

    Both gigs were packed full of people and we made a lot of long lasting friendships that night.

  • What is the best place to buy boots?

    Ron: What? Do you mean where? If so, Rocky Boots in Nelsonville, Ohio of course! Side note, velvet boots are not available.

    Brent Gummow

    An Infinite Number of Questions:
    INS Interviews INS

    by David Mansbach (9.27.2006)

    I had a mental picture of Brent Gummow at his desk at work, reading the latest issue of some relevant-hipster industry magazine, trying to keep up with the speed of cool shit that sounds like NOFX kissing boys, or making obscene hand gestures over the phone at faculty members in the midst of a tech crisis, so I wrote him several questions. We haven't really talked in the van as we mostly wear headphones or pretend to be asleep while Matt and Ron discuss The Art, so I thought I'd take a minute to catch up interview form.

    I sent the following email to Brent at 11:48 a.m.:

    In the interest of keeping fresh content on the front page, I've decided to interview us a question or two at a time. I want to call it "INS on INS", or "An Infinite Number of Questions". Let me know if you have any questions to add. We can just put 5 answers at a time, or whatever. You go first:

  • What are you listening to lately?

    Brent: Nice :) In addition to currently listening to David Michell's novel "Cloud Atlas" on my new ipod, I've also be a on a "finding relatively new music spree".... I've been particularly enjoying the Rakes, CSS, and the Books while I decide whether or not I like the new album by the Knife that was getting so much press last month.

  • Top 5 "trapped alone on a desert island" records?

    Brent: Wow...I'd rather be trapped on an island with my nano and a solar-powered recharger... but if i had to pick five, I'd say:

    Pixies - Surfer Rosa;
    New Order - Substance;
    Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It in People;
    Postal Service - Give Up; and
    Elvis Costello - This Years Model .... of course there are at least 10 more i'd want to take.

  • How have you been spending your time at home lately?

    Brent: At home on my "free time" I've been playing volleyball and setting up a pvr on an old computer that a friend gave me. Basically I installed winXP and a free program called gbPVR on it, added a cable tuning card and a 300GB harddrive, and now it is 10 times more badass than a TIVO and I don't need to pay any type of subscription fee. I can't wait to test the "pause/rewind live tv" feature during the Cavs season!

  • Do you have any phobias?

    Brent: Lets see... Phobias: ants ( I had a nasty ant attack in my apartment in California several years back that I still get flashbacks from) and large groups of people in a social setting (unfortunately, I'm really not kidding). I'm sure there are others, but I'm blanking out right now.

  • Do you think the Scottish media caters properly for the Asian community?

    Brent: You simply can't mix kilts and kimonos in any proper way... Sorry.

  • Top 10 all-time favorite bands?

    Brent: Huh... 10 favorite bands, another tough one:

    In no order, New Order/Joy Division (is that 1 or 2?), Elvis Costello, Pixies, Replacements, Soul Coughing, Broken Social Scene, the Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and the Arcade Fire.

    I'll even go a step further and do my 10 favorite bands that INS has played with (please keep in mind this is just my opinion of the music as it correlates to my personal taste and is in no particular order): Utah (from Denmark), Add N to (X), El Guappo (now called Supersystem), Paucity, Chalk, Mallory, Ocean Ghosts, Coltrane Motion, Knife Crazy, & Mr. Gnome. That was really hard... I could probably have done a list of 25, but I stuck to 10.

  • Do you have a favorite all-time pet?

    Brent: Wow.. the last answer is bound to get me in trouble with countless friends who are in bands that didn't make my list, now you are trying to get me in trouble with my 2 current cats, Panic and Pity.... Grrr... My all-time favorite pet was a doomed kitten named Yoda. My parents bred and showed cats for about a decade while I was growing up and we often had double digit felines in the house with sometimes 2-3 litters of kittens. Yoda was the runt of a litter that I helped "midwife" and from day one, he wasn't doing too well. He was somewhat of a mutant and had serious defects. He had a GIANT head and ears and a pretty scrawny body with a barely evident coat, but was the nicest cat that I've ever known. In his short life we bonded, but he wasn't long for this world.

    Sweet. I was actually thinking of making "10 Favorite Bands We Have Played With". I'm glad you put it in there. I'll write up a little intro blurb tonight and you can plug in "An Infinite Number of Questions" on the site tomorrow.

    Matt Mansbach

    Good Luck Matt!

    This letter is to notify you, the fans of Infinite Number of Sounds that after 6 years in the band, my brother Matt Mansbach has formally resigned from INS as guitar player, sequencer and songwriter.

    Matt has decided to move to Columbus to pursue employment opportunities in the field of Motion Graphics and fine art and to be close to his fiancé Lane as she pursues her MFA in Design Development from Ohio State University.

    We will miss Matt's creativity, artistic vision, and companionship. Ron, Brent and I would like to thank Matt for the opportunity to work with such an outstanding creative mind and we wish him the best of luck in all future endeavors.

    Matt will play the remaining 7 shows INS has booked between now and December. Please make sure to mark you calendars for the following dates:

    • Saturday, Sept 9, 2006... Bowling Green,OH - Black Swamp Fest
    • Saturday, Sept 16, 2006... Indianapolis, IN - ORANJE
    • Friday, Sept 22, 2006... Kent, OH - Chameleon Club
    • Friday, Sept 29, 2006... Cincinnati, OH - Northside Tavern
    • Saturday, October 7, 2006... Athens, OH - Front Room
    • Saturday, October 21, 2006... Grand Rapids, MI - Founders
    • Friday, December 8, 2006...Cleveland, OH - MOCA "TEMPO" Showcase

    These are likely the last opportunities you have to see Infinite Number of Sounds perform material from our first two albums Time Wants a Skeleton and Radio Whales. We are currently auditioning musicians; announcements will be made as the positions are filled. An attempt is not being made to "replace" Matt. INS is choosing to move forward with new musicians and new material starting in January 2006.

    Please feel free to write to us at with any questions or comments you may have.

    David Mansbach
    Infinite Number of Sounds

    "This is actually the hardest decision I've ever made. It's been the best year we've had and the next one seems even more promising. INOS is booked solid.
    Even now I have doubts about leaving, but the truth is: I'm burnt out, and I love my girl.

    I think the music is going to get even better. I can't wait to hear the next album!"


    Big Takeover

    The Big Takeover!

    You can read a fantastic review of Infinite Number of Sounds "Radio Whales" in this issue of The Big Takeover!

    It is available pretty much everywhere. Pick it up. The review is sandwiched between "i love you but i 've chosen darkness" and the make up. Here's a quick taste: "this is a rare combination of oddball creativity and fiery playing...".

    Also flip through the front of the magazine to see our advertising juggernaut in action!

    Radio Whales is now available

    Radio WhalesInfinite Number of Sounds has released their second full-length CD, "Radio Whales" featuring guests perfomances from Eric Alleman, Daniel Raible and Heather Manalili of To Box With Man and multi-instrumentalist Andy Ludick. Two of the new tracks are available for download from the listen page.

    The album is available for sale at all upcoming shows, on the buy page of this site, plus through iTunes, Amazon and CdBaby. Retailers can contact Carrot Top Distribution or Brent from INS for more information about carrying the release.

    Vote for INS! - Energizer Replay Contest (5/2006)

    INS is a contestant in the Energizer RePlay Music Contest which is part of the CMJ Rockhall Fest... vote for us and be entered automatically to win a trip to the CMJ Rockhall Music Fest to see us (or the band that wins) perform live!

    Click here to vote, but make sure that you are logged into myspace first... one vote per myspace account.

    Website Changes (4/2006)

    infinitenumber.comIf you've been paying attention you probably noticed some small changes to this website. We've removed some sections and replaced them with new features and navigation that should make it easer to find info about the band. The "Band" page has the bio, updated pix and links to other info. The "Press" page links to some of our reviews and pdfs of our latest press packs.

    Finally, Dave has started a "Photo Diary" to help give everyone a sneak peak inside INS. Look for past photos to be worked in over time to help chronicle our history. A "photo of the week" will be appearing on the front page to help link to the Photo Diary as well.

    INS Celebrates 5th Birthday (12/2005)

    5th BirthdayDecember 1st, 2005 marks the fifth anniversary of Infinite Number of Sounds first live performance (December 1, 2000 - Cleveland @ Pat's in the Flats w/ Throne of the Seated Three). Keeping with Brent’s annual, fantasy basketball inspired statistical obsession we have compiled a list of stats for our first 5 years. For a complete list of all the shows INS has played check out:

    Years with most performances:
    2003 = 46
    2004 = 46

    Total performances played:

    Number of bands we’ve played with:
    At least 328 different bands.

    The bands we have shared the most bills with:
    Scotty Boombox (Columbus, OH) = 11
    Paucity (Grand Rapids, MI) = 10
    DJ Empirical (Cincy, OH) = 7
    J Scott Franklin (Cleveland, OH) = 7
    Twilight Babies (Detroit, MI) = 5
    Utah (Skandeboug, Denmark) = 5
    Chalk (Cincy, OH) = 5
    Sangsara (Toledo, OH) = 4
    To Box With Man (Cleveland, OH) = 4
    Racermason (Akron, OH) = 4

    City most played:
    Cleveland = 49
    Toledo = 14
    Cincinnati = 13
    Akron = 10
    Columbus = 9
    Pittsburgh = 9
    Dayton = 5
    Detroit = 5

    Venues Played:

    Venue most played:
    Northside Tavern (Cincinnati, OH) = 10
    Lime Spider (Akron, OH) = 9
    Grog Shop (Cleveland, OH) = 8
    Micky Finn’s (Toledo, OH) = 7
    All Go Signs (various locations in Cleveland) = 7
    Beachland (Cleveland, OH) = 7
    Symposium (Cleveland, OH) = 6
    Peabody’s / Pirate’s Cove (Cleveland, OH) = 5
    Club Café (Pittsburgh, PA) = 4

    Number of Guest Soloists:

    9 Percussionists - Sam Hutchinson (Paucity), Anders Ronne (Utah), Jeremy Eaker, Eric Alleman (To Box With Man), Andy Ludick, Dave “Spiz” Marsalek (Spism), Pat McNulty (Low in the Sky), Earl Browne (To Box With Man), Mike Cormier (Volta Sound)
    4 Vocalists - Eric Alleman (To Box With Man), Alison Lewis (Twilight Babies), Krista Tortora (Low in the Sky), Kelli Scarr (Moonraker) 2 Trumpets
    2 Guitars (besides Matt who has played 4 different guitars and 2 basses and is not a guest.)
    2 Flutes
    1 Accordion
    1 Didgeridoo
    1 Lap Steel
    1 Violin
    1 Saxophone
    1 Turntables (well… technically 2)
    1 Fisher Price "See 'n Say Farmer Says"

    Our most frequent guest Soloists:
    J Scott Franklin (Trumpet) = 43
    Eric Alleman (To Box With Man - Vox) = 23
    Andrew Ludick (Didgeridoo + Percussion) = 7
    Chris Bober (Guitar, Accordion) = 5
    Jeremy Eacker (Percussion) = Unknown (at least 4)
    DJ Empirical (Turntables) = 4
    Sam Hutchinson (Paucity - Percussion) = 3

    Most guest soloists at a single performance:
    04.24.2004 = 6
    Guest Soloists - J Scott Franklin (trumpet)
    Guest Soloists - Chris Bober (accordion)
    Guest Soloists - Eric Alleman (vox)
    Guest Soloists - Heather Manalili (violin)
    Guest Soloists - Earl Browne (percussion)
    Guest Soloists - Daniel Raible (classical guitar)

    07.17.2004 = 4 (Trumpet, Vox/Percussion, Flute/Shadow Puppets, Percussion)
    07.03.2004 = 4 (Trumpet, Vox/Percussion, Flute, Percussion)
    10.18.2003 = 4 (Turntables, Vox, Flute, Audience = Chorus)
    02.28.2004 = 3 (Trumpet, Accordion, Vox)
    02.07.2004 = 3 (Trumpet, Accordion, Vox)
    01.16.2004 = 3 (Trumpet, Vox, Percussion/Didgeridoo)
    10.30.2003 = 3 (Vox, Vox, Trumpet)

    The single month we have played the most performances
    (not including performances under pseudonyms or guest performances by individual INS members on radio shows or with other projects or other bands etc.):
    May 2005 = 8
    Sept. 2005 = 7*

    (* includes a record tying 3 performances in a 26 hour period. September 16, 2005 - Columbus, OH @ High Five Bar & Grill, September 17, 2005 - Cincinnati, OH @ Alchemize Bar, September 17, 2005 - Indianapolis, IN @ ORANJE)

    Number of times the van has broken down:
    4 (5 if you count when another band rented the van from us to drive to NYC)

    Driver with most breakdowns:
    David = 4* (**)

    (*refer to Sept.2005 archives for more information.)

    (** 5 if you count the time we coasted into a rest stop 20 feet short of the gas pumps on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which you shouldn’t. You can drive 40 miles without seeing an open gas station at 4am through certain stretches of Pennsylvania. In my defense… 2 of the breakdowns were when the Serpentine Belt snapped* (3 if you count the rental incident above) which will never happen again. One was a flat tire on the turnpike which could happen to anybody. The 4th time was when we ran out of gas between Grand Rapids and Toledo… that was totally my fault.)

    Radio Campaign is in full swing... (12/2005)

    "Radio Whales" is getting airplay on all of the following stations... please give 'em a call and request your favorite track:

    Haines AK KHNS
    Conway, AR KHDX
    East Camden, AR KCAC
    Berkley, CA KALX
    Berkley, CA KPFA
    Davis, CA KDVS
    Hayward, CA KCRH
    Hoopa, CA KIDE
    Irvine, CA KUCI
    Lemore, CA KGAR
    Norwalk, CA WPMD
    Riverside, CA KUCR
    San Marcos, CA KKSM
    Santa Barbara, CA KCSB
    Santa Clara, CA KSCU
    Turlock, CA KCSS
    Colorado Springs, CO KEPC
    Denver, CO KVDU
    Fort Collins, CO KCSU
    Grand Junction, CO KMSA
    Gunnison, CO KWSB
    Ourey, CO KURA
    Paonia, CO KVNF
    Telluride, CO KOTO
    Hartford, CT WRTC
    New Britain, CT WFCS
    Storrs, CT WHUS
    West Hartford, CT WWUH
    Washington DC, DC WGTB
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL WNSU
    Tallahassee, FL WVFS
    Hanalei, HI KKCR
    Ames, IA KURE
    Cedar Falls, IA KUNI
    Waverly, IA KWAR
    Charleston, IL WEIU
    Chicago, IL WIIT
    Chicago, IL WLUW
    Chicago, IL WUIC
    Grayslake, IL CLC
    Ft.Wayne, IN WCYT
    North Manchester, IN WBKE
    Notre Dame, IN WSND
    Richmond, IN WECI
    Terre Haute, IN WISU
    El Dorado, KS KBTL
    Bowling Green, KY WWHR
    Morehead, KY WMKY
    Monroe, LA KXUL
    Shreveport, LA KSCL
    Thibodaux, LA KNSU
    Amherst, MA WMUA
    Boston, MA WRBB
    Fitchburg, MA WXPL
    Norton, MA WCCS
    Salem, MA WMWM
    Waltham, MA WBTY
    West Barnstable, MA WKKL
    Worchester, MA WSCW
    Baltimore, MD WLOY
    Westminster, MD WMCR
    Bangor, ME WHSN
    Farmington, ME WUMF
    Orono, ME WMEB
    Portland, ME WMPG
    Ann Arbor, MI WCBN
    Canton, MI WSDP
    Dearborn, MI WUMD
    Dearborn, MI WHFR
    East Lansing, MI WDBM
    Kalamazoo, MI WIDR
    Marie, MI WLSO
    Marquette, MI WUPX
    Mt.Pleasant, MI WMHW
    Traverse City, MI WNMC
    Warren, MI WPHS
    Minneapolis, MN KFAI
    Morris, MN KUMM
    St.Paul, MN WMCN
    St.Peter, MN KGSM
    Thief River Falls, MN KSRQ
    Winona, MN KSMR
    Winona, MN KQAL
    Columbia, MO KCOU
    Hattiesburg, MS WUSM
    Dillon, MT KDWG
    Greenville, NC WZMB
    Raleigh, NC WKNC
    Spindale, NC WNCW
    Hanover, NH WDCR
    Portsmouth, NH WSCA
    New Brunswick, NJ WRSU
    Pemberton, NJ WBZC
    Randolph, NJ WCCM
    Socorrov, NM KTEK
    Auburn, NY WDWN
    Batavia, NY WGCC
    Birmingham, NY WHRW
    Brooklyn, NY WLIU
    Buffalo, NY WRUB
    Fredonia, NY WCVF
    Hackettstown, NY WNTI
    Hepstead, NY WRHU
    New York, NY WSVA
    New York, NY M3 Radio
    New York, NY WPUB
    Oneonta, NY WRHO
    Pleasantville, NY WRPW
    Postdam, NY WAIH
    Poughkeepsie, NY WMAR
    Queensburg, NY WGFR
    Staten Island, NY WSIA
    Valhalla, NY WARY
    Wayne, NY WPSC
    Athens, OH WOUB
    Berea, OH WBWC
    Cincinnati, OH BearCast
    Cleveland, OH WRUW
    Cleveland, OH WCSB
    Columbus, OH KBUX
    Dayton, OH WWSU
    Claremore, OK KRSC
    Edmond, OK KUCO
    Norman, OK WIRE
    Le Grande, OR KEOL
    Portland, OR KPSU
    Allentown, PA WMUH
    Ambler, PA WRFT
    Collegeville, PA WVOU
    Dallas, PA WCMR
    Johnstown, PA WUPJ
    Lewisburg, PA WVBU
    Meadville, PA WARC
    Pittsburgh, PA WPTS
    Radnor, PA WYBF
    Reading, PA WXAC
    Schneckville, PA WXLV
    Scranton, PA WVMW
    Shippensburg, PA WSYC
    Wilkes-Barre, PA WRKC
    Wilkes-Barre, PA WCLH
    Clemson, SC WSBF
    Clinton, SC WPCX
    Chatanooga, TN WAWL
    College Station, TX KANM
    Nacogdoches, TX KSAU
    Plano, TX DiscoverRadio
    San Antonio, TX KSYM
    San Marcos, TX KTSW
    Moab, UT KZMU
    Charlottesville, VA WNRN
    Lexington, VA WLUR
    Radford, VA WVRU
    Richmond, VA WVCW
    Colchester, VT WWPV
    Middlebury, VT WRMC
    Plainfield, VT WGDR
    Ellensberg, WA KCWU
    Olympia, WA KAOS
    Pullman, WA KZUU
    Tacoma, WA KCCR
    Vancouver, WA KOUG
    Appleton, WI WLFM
    Beloit, WI WBCR-2
    Eau Claire, WI WSRI
    Kenosha, WI WIPZ
    Madison, WI WSUM
    Oshkosh, WI WRST
    Superior, WI KUWS
    Morgentown, WV WWVU

    INS Van

    We're Sorry Bowling Green... (9/2005)

    Infinite Number of Sounds had to do the unthinkable for the first time in their 5 year history - cancel a gig at the last minute. Now we've had clubs and promoters cancel shows before (flooding, scheduling mishaps, etc)... but for the first time WE were the ones who had to cancel and the poor patrons at Howard's Club H in Bowling Green were the victims.

    mangled boltSo what happened? A ball bearing in the engine of the infamous "Kidnap Van" decided to dry out and begin mangling a metal piece which then threw the serpentine belt off its track. The result? An extended stay in Grand Rapids, MI where our good friends Sam (of paucity fame) and Karrie graciously opened their apartment and X-box to us. Everyone should rest assured that we will do our best to get a new show scheduled for the Bowling Green area ASAP!


    INS on Discovery Channel! (6/2005)

    Brent's CarTuesday, June 28, 2005, the Discovery Channel will feature two songs by Cleveland's own electro-rock/media-art performance group Infinite Number of Sounds. The songs can be heard on the soundtrack of episode 2 of the new series, “Urban Explorers”. In this episode, a team of four experts - an urban historian, a structural engineer and two world-class, urban climbers - go back in time to uncover the lost ruins of the "Windy City." Venture with them into hidden corners of Chicago that even the locals don't know exist.

    For more information on the Discovery Channel and the “Urban Explorers” series, visit

    Friday the 13th strikes Brent's car!!! (5/2005)

    Brent's CarFriday, May 13th while we were on tour with Paucity and Utah, Brent's black 1999 Honda Civic was stolen from the street in front of our house. From what we are able to piece together, it was likely driven East down I-90 to the W.65th street exit, where it was chopped, harvested for parts, and set ablaze. The city of Cleveland found the vehicle and held it in impound until Thursday afternoon. Brent walked by the car 3 times before he figured out which car was his.

    More photos and commentary at ExBe.

    J Scott Franklin - Chain of Words (2004)

    J Scott FranklinThe Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company is very proud and excited to announce that the second CD release by the label, J Scott Franklin - Chain of Words, is now available.

    The disc can be purchased at the buy section of this website and at all INS and J Scott shows. More info about J Scott Franklin can be found at his website

    Nominated for Best Alt./Electronic Act (7/2004)

    Cleveland SceneThe readers of the Cleveland Scene nominated Infinite Number of Sounds for Best Alternative/Electronic Act! The winner will be determined by online voting... Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to vote for us! You are the real rock stars! ***INS would like to take this opportunity to congratulate State of Being who took home the gold!

    INS Interview in York Daily News (06/2004)

    Millenium Music ConferenceInfinite Number of Sounds was just interviewed by the York Daily News about their upcoming peformance at the Millenium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA.

    Read all about it.

    INS to Showcase at NXNE Festival! (06/2004)

    NXNEThe North by Northeast Festival in Toronto, Canada has slowly crept into the top tier of Music Industry conferences with the likes of South By Southwest and the CMJ Marathon. This year, NXNE has invited Infinte Number of Sounds to showcase!

    So proclaim it to all your friends that reside North of the border that INS is coming... or if you want to check out the festival, make sure to swing by our venue and say "howdy"!

    Saturday, June 12
    North by Northeast
    The Swallow Lounge
    292 College St. W, 2nd floor
    Toronto, ON, Canada

    The Big Noise 13 (06/2004)

    The Big Noise 13The legendary spectacle that is The Big Noise returns to Columbus Friday, June 11th 2004 to host a benefit for WCBE (90.5 FM). This is The Big Noise 13 and the buzz for this showcase of some of Ohio's most forward thinking artists, is off the charts!!!

    Special appearances by the Stutter Brothers and performance artist J Rhodes. Photos and descriptions of a recent Stutter Brothers performance are posted at this link on (J Rhodes is the man in the Mexican Wrestling skull mask vomiting to the beat, with his pants around his knees.)

    The event will be held at Little Brothers
    1100 North High Street
    Columbus OH 43201
    Phone - 614.421.2025
    Tickets are $8

    J Scott Franklin - Chain of Words

    J Scott FranklinThe Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company is very proud and excited to announce the upcoming release of our second CD, J Scott Franklin - Chain of Words. To celebrate, we're having a big label showcase at the All Go Signs Warehouse on Saturday, April 24 that will feature performances by Infinite Number of Sounds, To Box With Man, and of course, J Scott Franklin with additional music by Nemo Nemon. This is a free event with food and beverages provided (donations accepted).

    Saturday, April 24, 2004
    J Scott Franklin Cd Release Party & INS Label Showcase
    Infinite Number of Sounds
    J Scott Franklin
    To Box With Man
    and additional music by Nemo Nemon
    All Go Signs Warehouse
    1935 W. 96th Street
    Cleveland, OH

    INS dances with death! (03/2004)

    Darediablo, the ballsy instrumental trio from NYC slams onto the Pirate's Cove stage on Sunday, March 28 with INFINITE NUMBER OF SOUNDS!

    This show is NOT TO BE MISSED! Between INS and DD, this is could be THE best evening of high-energy instrumental rock that the city will see all year!

    As a special treat... members of the audience for this show can pick up FREE tickets to the nearly sold out CD RELEASE PARTY for GIL MANTERA'S PARTY DREAM that will take place at Peabody's on Friday, April 2! Don't get locked out of that one folks, trust me... it will be an experience to remember!

    Sunday, March 28, 2004
    Infinite Number of Sounds
    Pirates Cove
    2083 1/2 East 21st St.
    Cleveland, OH 44115

    Hit List (03/2004)

    In celebration of the one year anniversary of us switching the stats package that keeps track of our hits online and how people came to the site, I decided to run down a list of the bizarre, hilarious and sometimes disturbing ways people came across Hell, you may be one of the unfortunate multitudes right now... A few dominant themes emerged as I was looking through the many thousands on hits from 2003. "Sounds" of course was a big theme, but we also got a ton of hits from people looking for "Dead Celebrities 2004", or "rockstars/musicians that died at age 27" (we placed in the top 10 for people looking for Curt, Jimmy, Janis, Tupac, Stu Sutcliff, Randy Rhodes, Jim Morrison, Suicides, Electrocution and Plane Crashes). We were hit by searches for Serial Killers (by name, genre and atrocity) and conspiracy theories. We got hundreds of hits related to postrock. We got hits for "bible recording service", "look christain alternative bands", "electronic bible stores Brooklyn, NY", "Christain recording studio 11-20", "independent christian record companies" (all ironic, because I don't think any one of us is particularly Christian). As I said, there were thousands of hits besides the obvious people looking specifically for INS, so I will cut the synopsis short and give you this short list of my FAVORITE hits for the year 2003:

    (Number next to the listings denote where we ranked in the search on Google or Yahoo or AOL or wherever. Parentheses denote commentary.)

    • "where to buy dope in akron" 1-10 (My all time favorite search!!! We were rated #1 for a long time. Seriously, do a search on Google, we probably still place top 10.)
    • "websites to buy flutes to control cobras with" 1-10
    • "Paraskevidekatriaphobics" (Paraskevidekatriaphobia is a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th.)
    • "latinas gettin fucked hard" 1-20 (Ummm... I don't know how that got here.)
    • "poltergeist related deaths" 1-10
    • "endangered species from cleveland metropark zoo"
    • "making friends on the internet with christain groups" 51-60 (I laugh every time I read this to think of the poor lonely Christian that came across this site the same day as the "latinas" person.)
    • "goth art pix" 1-20 (I admit it. I used to read Neil Gaiman and wear black... OK, I still do occasionally.)
    • "Theodore Bundy fan club" - (This has something to do with Matt. I just can't prove it yet. It could be Ron though. Nobody would suspect Ron!)
    • "musicians and suicide" 21-30 (We are fine. Seriously, nothing a little Prozac can't fix.)
    • "severely broken ankle" 11-20 (This year we broke the 2 year string of broken ankles Ron and I put together. Brent tried his best. Our landlord tried to help by painting our porch with glossy paint that becomes slick when wet.)
    • "wedding superstition in America" 1-10 (Ironically... 3 of us are turning 30 in the next few months. NONE of us are married. We are dating women that wouldn't marry us to save their lives though. I like to think it is superstition.)
    • "Strom Thurmond quotes racist" 31-40 (Strom actually won the "We are glad you are dead 2003 award" by a landslide over Idi Amin. Congratulations Strom!!!)
    • "subliminal message science projects" 1-10 (Our friend Sam Dean "Science Machine" would be proud)
    • "Lakewood Ohio belly dancing" 21-30 (I hope to move up higher in this category in 2004)
    • "fucking awesome quotes" 1-10 OR awesome fucking quotes 1-10
    • "Haunted house "13th floor" most people do not make it to the - ("When 900-years-old you reach, look as good you will not.")
    • "Toledo's haunted places" 1-10 (Pick a place. ANY place.)
    • "what to wear to interview with INS" 11-20 - (the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, I assume. Don't dress up on our account.)
    • "helmet of flesh" 1-10 (I ABSOLUTELY blame this one on Matt.)

    There are another 2 full pages of good searches, but they can wait for another time.

    Here are a few sounds people were looking for: Sounds of the Undead. Sounds of spanking, panting, and monkeys, dumb sound recordings (yeah... that was flattering), "listen to sounds OF kittens", or listen to "sounds FOR kittens". Sounds from Hell. Sounds of Austrailia, recordings of sounds of Austrailia, student experimental sounds, Def Leppard electronic drum sounds, sounds of the undead. Haunted sounds, electrocution sounds, Cool Keyboards with coughing sounds, monkeys that are playing sounds, gunshot sounds, fresh sounds company, gunshot sounds download, buck rodgers sounds, number of sounds associated with language, forest demolition sounds, office sounds, flute sounds, Free Sample Sounds, guitar sounds history, typing sounds, hip hop sounds free download, medical sounds, sounds of monkeys, keyboards sounds, sound clip the price is right come on down, the sounds of the skeleton system, listen fucking sound, recording crowd sounds, plane crash sounds, performance engine sounds, how recording studios get their sounds, universe sounds recording, hear tamarin sounds. sounds friend sounds...

    Free Condoms for Valentine's Day! (02/2004)

    (from the Grog Shop's page) Starting at 4 p.m., music on this night will be tip top! Musical styles spanning all genres including the Matt Gerovac Implosion, glam-rockers Vanity Crash, the audio-visual stylings of Infinite Number of Sounds and punk rock served up by the Brazen Rogues. Also appearing will be singer/songwriter Brent Kirby, solo-acoustic acts Steve Wilson and Andrew Rothman, with Word of Mouth and Xela. Proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood of Greater Cleveland. Oh, by the way, it's "Condom Week" so, if you need rubbers, c'mon out!

    INS goes on at 9:30 pm... $7/$9

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    Nominated for Best Indie/Underground Band in Cleveland (02/2004)

    2004 Free Times Awards Infinite Number of Sounds was nominated in the Indie/Underground category for the 2004 Cleveland Free Times Music Awards It is our first time nominated for any such thing. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you saw INS this year, and you like what we do, sign up and vote for us. If you haven't seen Infinite Number of Sounds and are considering voting... come over to our house and we'll play a set for you.

    Votes are counted until Feb. 10th. Voting is easy. Go to the Free Times link above, register and they will send you a password, log in, and VOTE INS!. Tell your friends!

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    All Go Signs!! (02/2004)

    All Go Signs Brother Chuck has another incredible party lined up for Cleveland's art fanatics... this one featuring nearly TWICE the number of visual artists as the last one. The musical lineup includes not only Infinite Number of Sounds, but a number of our friends as well.

    Saturday, Feb 7
    Infinite Number of Sounds
    Scotty Boombox
    J Scott Franklin
    All Go Signs Warehouse
    1935 W. 96th St.
    Cleveland, OH
    (directions at
    BYOB, no drugs, donations welcome.

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    Experimental Behavior (01/2004)

    Members of Infinte Number of Sounds have teamed up with members of Birth and loads of other Cleveland artists, writers and musicians to form an exciting new on-line community for Northeast Ohio. The site features very active forums where members can discuss upcoming events, promote their favorite bands/artists/websites/etc, and tell others about their experiences at shows they have attended. Any community member can also suggest events to be added to the master calendar on the site.

    Check out Experimental Behavior to find out what all the fuss is about... then on Friday, January 30th, stop out at the Beachland Ballroom for one hell of a kick-off party. See you there!

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    Traveling Pony Circuits (01/2004)

    INS, ECC, Scotty Boombox at High Five on 1/16Friday, January 16th... Columbus can plan on being puzzled to its very foundations as the INS Traveling Pony Circuits clip-clops onto the stage at the High Five Bar with the Evolution Control Committee, the beloved Scotty Boombox, and J Rhodes.

    We come bearing new songs... and tons of special guests: Eric Alleman performs spoken word. J Scott Franklin plays Trumpet. Our long lost fifth member, Andrew Ludick is in Ohio for the month of January. Andy is visiting from his adopted homeland of Ireland where he plays didgeridoo and bones on the street for whatever the heck currency Ireland uses. He will be on the road with us, playing didgeridoo and percussion, until Ireland reclaims him in February.

    Friday, January 16
    Infinite Number of Sounds
    Evolution Control Committee
    Scotty Boombox
    J Rhodes
    @ the High Five
    1227 N. High St.
    Columbus, OH

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    Strom vs Idi

    Dead Celebrities 2003! (12/2003)

    2003 was a significant year for celebrity deaths. Please let us know if we left anyone off the list.

      Celebrity Deaths 2003 (thus far):
    • Sydney Omarr 1/2/2003) -- astrologer to the stars
    • Maurice Gibb 1/12/2003) -- member of the BeeGees
    • Nell Carter (1/23/2003) -- actress, Gimme a Break
    • Johnny PayCheck (2/18/2003) -- country singer
    • Fred (MR.) Rogers (2/27/2003) -- one of my neighbors
    • Edwin Starr (3/31/2003) -- singer.. did the song "WAR"
    • Robert Atkins (4/18/2003) -- creator of the Atkins Diet
    • Nina Simone (4/21/2003) -- sultry singer, "I put a spell on you". un-credited star of "point of no return".
    • Noel Redding (5/12/2003) -- Jimi Hendrix bassist
    • Robert Stack (5/14/2003) -- actor, Airplane!, host of Unsolved Mysteries
    • June Carter Cash (5/15/2003) -- Johnny Cash's wife
    • Shooby Taylor (6/4/2003) -- world's greatest skat singer, "the human horn"
    • David Brinkley (6/11/2003) --TV journalist, ripped off in tribute coverage by the overshadowing death of Gregory Peck...
    • Gregory Peck (6/12/2003) -- legendary actor
    • Denis Thatcher (6/26/2003) -- Margaret's hubby
    • Strom Thurmond (6/26/2003) -- racist senile politician / Best quote - "I wanna tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that there's not enough troops in the army to force the southern people to break down segregation and admit the n___r race into our theatres into our swimming pools into our homes and into our churches." Finalist in the "We're Glad You Are Dead" Award - 2003. If there is a hell, I hope he's burning in it.
    • Katherine Hepburn (6/29/2003) -- screen legend
    • Buddy Hackett (6/29/2003) -- comedian/actor
    • N!xau (7/1/2003) -- from "The Gods Must Be Crazy"
    • Barry White (7/5/2003) -- legendary singer, called everyone "baby" and pulled it off.
    • Buddy Ebsen (7/6/2003) --actor, Jed on Beverly Hillbillies (it is a bad year for "Buddy's)
    • Celia Cruz (7/16/2003) -- Cuban singer/actress
    • John Schlesinger (7/25/2003) -- director, Midnight Cowboy (shiver of revulsion....), Marathon Man, etc.
    • Bob Hope (7/27/2003) -- legendary comedian/actor
    • Sam Phillips (7/30/2003) -- discovered Elvis, started Sun Records
    • Gregory Hines (8/9/2003) -- dancer/actor
    • Idi Amin Dada Oumee (8/16/2003) AKA 'Big Daddy', AKA 'Butcher of Africa', AKA 'Conqueror of the British Empire', AKA 'Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea'. -- Ugandan dictator / killed 100,000-500,000 / Finalist in the "We're Glad You Are Dead" Award - 2003
    • Wesley Willis (8/21/2003) -- street musician, played one of his final shows with Scotty Boombox in Bustown
    • Charles Bronson (8/30/2003) -- tough guy actor
    • Warren Zevon (9/7/2003) -- musician
    • Edward Teller (9/9/2003) -- scientist, "father of the h-bomb". Saw the a-bomb drop on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and said "That wasn't good enough." Ummmm... yeah.
    • Johnny Cash (9/12/2003) -- legendary musician
    • John Ritter (9/12/2003) -- very funny actor, Three's Company, etc. starred as "Ted" in an episode of Buffy.
    • Gordon Jump (9/22/2003) -- actor, WKRP in Cincinnati, Maytag Repair Guy
    • Robert Palmer (9/26/2003) -- "resistible" music performer
    • William Steig (10/3/2003) -- New Yorker cartoonist/children's author (Shrek)
    • Florence Stanley (10/3/2003) -- actress, Mrs. Fish on Barney Miller
    • Fred Barry (10/21/2003) -- actor, Rerun on What's Happening
    • Elliott Smith (10/21/2003) -- singer/songwriter
    • Rod Roddy (10/27/2003) --announcer on The Price is Right... "Come on down!"
    • Bobby Hatfield (11/5/2003) -- one of the Righteous Brothers
    • Art Carnery (11/9/2003) -- actor, Ed in the Honeymooners
    • Jonathan Brandis (11/12/2003) -- actor, the kid on Seaquest
    • Kellie Waymire (11/13/2003) -- actress, Six Feet Under, Enterprise
    • Don Gibson (11/17/2003) -- singer/songwriter, "I Can't Stop Loving You"
    • Michael Kamin (11/18/2003) --composer, scores for Brazil, X-men
    • Paul Simon (11/18/2003) --bow-tie-wearing former senator
    • Otto Graham (12/17/2003) --Legendard Cleveland Browns Quarterback
    • Earl Hindman(12/29/2003) --Wilson from Home Improvement
    • Anita Mui (12/30/2003) --Singer/actress known as Asia Madonna

    We have started a discussion group at, if you want to join our forum, look for the "random" category. Cast your votes for the "We're Glad You Are Dead" Award - 2003. Offer your opinions and offer your own polls!!!

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    A New Addition to the INS Family...(12/2003)

    boxwithman.comThe Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company is excited to announce our latest project - To Box With Man, telling stories in a whole new way. Despite playing two shows in mid-November, the group is still in its infancy.

    Look for To Box With Man to come into its own in 2004 with several mind-blowing shows and a CD to be released late in the year. In the meantime, keep up with Eric and the gang by visiting their website at!

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    We speak... (11/2003) Infinite Number of Sounds and Fred Savage sit down with Terri Simmons from to discuss ancient history, the year 2004 and mean spirited jokes.

    Check out the interview and then impress all your friends with fascinating INS trivia, such as "What did INS drummer Ron Tucker used to do with automatic milking machines as a child"?

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    Musica Obscura (11/2003)

    Splendid E-zine"Infinite Number of Sounds has delivered a debut album that's bound to rock the socks off of anybody with properly functioning auditory canals." More beautiful words have never been written in the English language. OK... maybe Eric Alleman and J Scott Franklin have written great words... and Hemingway. I really like John Irving too... and Pablo Neruda... and Regina Hopingardner... but out of all the words that were NOT written by any of them, those are my favorite words... and the rest of the excellent review of Time Wants a Skeleton, written by Farrah Usmani at Splendid E-zine. It is a MUST READ! (Especially if you do not already own Time Wants a Skeleton!)

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    TiffanyIn the grand tradition of Tiffany, Menudo and Yu-gi-oh! This Friday, November 28th INS ROCKS THE FRIGGIN Northtown MALL in Toledo! The place is Sonic Night Club, I guess it used to be called Club Escape or vice versa. We are playing there because Frankies isn't open yet.

    ANYWAY, it is in, or connected to the Northtown Mall off of Alexis Road behind Toys-R-Us (home of the anthropomorphic talking giraffe. You all know how much we love anthropomorphization). Those are the directions I was just given... If you are a Toledoan errr Toledoite.... one from Toledo, I assume you know what I just said.

    The place has 2 big built in screens. We are bringing our screen. Together, that is more screens than you have eyes (unless you have glasses, FOUR EYES)! After the show you can get lemonade and a HOTDOG ON A STICK! So, kick that sick ass Tryptophan addiction and rock out with INS at the mall!!!!!

    Friday, November 28th
    w/ Science of Big Machines
    & Cat and Mouse
    Sonic Night Club
    343 Newtown Square Drive (Front of Northtown Mall)

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    To Box With Man...(11/2003)

    to box with manIf you have seen Infinite Number of Sounds with writer and poet Eric Alleman, you know what he brings to a performance. If you have not met Eric yet, you surely will. He is a world class talent. I am not exaggerating. He is amazing. Brent and Eric and I are developing new material with Eric separate from his work with Infinite Number. We have called this project "To Box With Man". Eric tells stories. Sally plays Cello. Heather plays violin. I will press buttons and stuff. Brent is establishing environments with projected digital video (very different from what he does for INS). We will have a different lineup for every performance.

    Speaking of, our first performance is Monday, November 17th at the Hi-Fi in Cleveland. AND our second performance is November 22nd @ All Go Signs (West Cleveland, directions on website). These 2 shows will be VERY different. Different musicians. Different stories. Different environments. Different clothes. Different food in our bellies.

    Check out the website for more information, writing, pictures, etc. If you are interested in signing up for the To Box With Man mailing list, come to the show Monday and bring a pen. We are very excited. Hope to see you there.

    Monday, November 17th
    The Shinth Tour
    To Box With Man
    9-Volt Haunted House
    Zyklus II
    The Button
    @ Hi-Fi Club
    One block west of w.117th
    on Detroit Rd.
    Saturday, November 22nd
    Wicked Lung and The Wookelar
    DJ Empirical
    more t.b.a.
    @ All Go Signs


    Fantasy League... (10/2003)

    It is basketball season!!! Brent is completely obsessed with his fantasy basketball league. In keeping with his statistical obsession, I have compiled a short list of stats for Infinite Number of Sounds. What can I tell you. It is in man's nature to keep score. Stupid men.

    October 17th, 2003, Infinite Number played its 50th official engagement. During those first 50 performances, INS racked up a few statistics. To keep Brent interested in what we are doing, I have listed a few stats below:

    Venues - 29
    Cities - 11
    Guest Soloists - 11 -

  • 3 Vocalists
  • 2 Trumpets
  • 1 Percussionist
  • 1 Didgeridoo
  • 1 Lap Steel
  • 1 Guitar (besides Matt who has played 4 different guitars and 2 basses and is not a guest.)
  • 1 Saxophone
  • 1 Flute
  • 1 ummm... Turntables (does that count as 1 or 2?).

    J ScottOur most frequent guest Soloists:

  • J Scott Franklin 19
  • Eric Alleman 10

    The bands we have shared the most bills with:

  • Scotty Boombox - 5!!!!
  • 9-Volt Haunted House- 3
  • I Hear Latinas Are All The Wear This Season In Hell - 3
  • Throne of the Seated Three - 3

    The single month we have played the most performances (not including performances under pseudonyms or guest performances by individual INS members on radio shows or with other projects or other bands etc.)

  • Sept.2003 - 6*
  • August.2003 - 6

    (* includes a record 3 performances in a 26 hour period! Sept. 5th 11:30-12:30 @ Club Café in Pittsburgh, Sept.6th 9:30- 10:30 @ WRUW's Studio-A Rama in Cleveland's East Side, and 12:30-1:30 @ All Go Signs on Cleveland's West Side.)

    INS Band Member in the most bands:
    Ron Tucker 5 - Performed with Infinite Number of Sounds, Racermason, J Scott Franklin and the Situation, Imagining Red, and Mile One as well as recording projects with Low In The Sky and who knows what else. Everyone else is involved with other projects, but GOD DAMN!!! Nobody else play with Tucker. You might get music Syphilis... like Steve Albini.

    We are on pace to play 50 shows in 2003. Keep up with our stats at

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    Perfect Fit... (10/2003)

    perfect fitEric Alleman relives the experience...

    So, Infinite Number of Sounds played at the Toledo Museum of Art. You may be asking yourselves, "How did I not hear about this?"
    How indeed, how indeed.

    We, as American's are inundated with useless, trivial information everyday. Smoking's bad for you, Crack Kills, Your mom's not really your mom, and things of that nature. But if you ever hear about INS playing another Art Museum, pay heed, go see it.

    You could still smell the stale smoke rising from the amps when the hundred and some people skipped in and sat down. The crowd was one of the best pieces to the whole, as young as 10 and as old as 70. With a huge 30 foot screen stretched out behind them broadcasting Brent's visual manipulations (until he broke it), INS played the most comfortable and confident set I've seen them play yet. It was a wonderful setting for what they do and it gave everyone there the opportunity to sit back and take it in. With guest appearances by J. Scott Franklin on trumpet and Eric Alleman on vox, INS took everyone from the peak of Tribal Bushpeople to the valley of 9 turning Mirrors (now that was a cheesy analogy) and the audience bounced and yelled and swung right along. I may be a bit biased, hanging around art museums like a drunk in a bar, but I personally thought it was a perfect fit.

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    More to Buy... (10/2003)

    BUYDon't have a copy of Time Wants a Skeleton yet? Then check out the new info on the BUY page! In addition to now being able to pick up INS T-shirts and CD's, the page also lists all of the great local music stores where you can pick up a copy the old fashioned way.

    Show your support for independent music by picking up a CD and T-shirt. Our on-line ordering system is safe and secure, but you are more than welcome to purchase CD's at several other online vendors including CD Baby, Amazon, and Tower Records.

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    Electronic Showcase.. (10/2003)

    Don't miss this spectacular feast of circuitry as INS is joined at the ever-shifting ALL GO SIGNS warehouse by Ghostly International's Midwest Product and Dykehouse.

    Also packed into this 6 hour treat of sight and sound are fellow Clevelanders NOTEHKU and Three.M, plus our good friend from Columbus, the impeccable Scotty Boombox!

    Click here for a map to
    All Go Signs!

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    INS storms the Toledo Museum of Art! (10/2003)

    INS LiveArt lives and breathes. It has evolved past frames and pigment. It has evolved past videotapes played on TV monitors stuck in the dark corner of galleries. Art is the moment. It is active. It is a collage that is both personal and immediate and it rocks you like the first time music sent shivers up your spine...

    Friday, October 3, Infinite Number of Sounds is privileged to play The Toledo Museum of Art. This is a unique event. INS is performing new material in true installation style using multiple screens including a projection across a 30 foot wide wall. J Scott Franklin, Eric Alleman and will perform with us. This FREE event will be held in the Little Theater from 8:00 - 9:30PM. You absolutely do not want to miss an opportunity to see INS in this environment. I promise you have never experienced anything like it. It is suggested you arrive at the theater early to get a prime seat.

    Toledo Museum of ArtCome earlier and enjoy the museum's collection (including an uber-fine Anselm Kiefer piece among their contemporary collection).

    Friday, October 3
    Infinite Number of Sounds
    Toledo Museum of Art
    2445 Monroe St at Scottwood Ave
    Toledo, Ohio 43620
    Directions to the museum
    8:00 - 9:30 PM

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    INS CondorCheck out this clinical analysis of WRUW's "Studio-A-Rama" in this week's "Observer" (Case Western Reserve U's student paper).

    Read how we released a rehabilitated condor back into the wild at the end of our performance... watching it stretch that 12 foot wingspan and take to the evening sky... it was glorious. We hope it will survive the harsh Cleveland winter...

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    Comp Time! (09/2003)

    compilations2 Long awaited INS remixes will appear on compilations:

    The "Disfingered - Tiny Guillotine Remix" appears on "Home on the Strange" Vol I, now available at Chris's Warped Records and all Cleveland area Record Exchanges for $7. For more information visit

    "EmoJoe - Lore City Mix" featuring Dan Bruce on lap steel and a new trumpet solo by J Scott Franklin, will appear on the Domain Cleveland compilation due out this June featuring bands like Dalek (Ipecac records), Tub Ring (Invisible records), Drums and Tuba (Righteousbabe records), Finless Brown, Infinite Number of Sounds, Secret Chiefs 3 (featuring three former members of Mr. Bungle), Chloe Galvanic, PH Balance, Low in the Sky, Estradasphere, Maseo Side Project, Bimini Effect, Furnace St., Basement Love Underground, and Hungry Lucy!! For more information visit

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    Billy, Patron Saint of the PA Turnpike (08/2003)

    Saint BillySomewhere in the rural mountains of Western Pennsylvania, there is a man. A generous man. Perhaps even, a great man. A man who mops the floor at a rest area on Interstate 80 about 120 miles east of the Luna Lounge, where Infinite Number of Sounds made their New York City debut on August 23, 2003. We pulled into his rest area with a flat tire at exactly the same moment the only tire dealership in 65 miles closed for the weekend.

    We met Billy there, as the sun began to set over the Appalachian Mountains. Billy heard our situation and immediately drove home to retrieve his air compressor and tire patching kit. 45 minutes after pulling into that fateful rest area, we were back on the road to NYC. Billy would accept no money for his generous act. 'Twas a deed he performed purely out of kindness and generosity. He seemed embarrassed by the very thought. We finally coaxed him into accepting an INS T-Shirt and a copy of our album "Time Wants a Skeleton".

    We would like to take a moment to reflect on Billy, in awe of his generosity. I can picture him now, mopping the rest area men's room, or tuning his engine like a 1964 Strat... wearing an Infinite Number of Sounds T-Shirt as he listens to "Time Wants a Skeleton"... with an enlightened little smile of satisfaction on his face. He pauses, and shakes his head slowly as he laughs to himself... thinking...

    "... What the fuck am I listening to?"
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    Cincinnati and Cleveland, back to back! (08/2003)

    August 16 Our survey responses from the Cincinnati area have pointed us overwhelmingly toward one band. In response to your wishes, on Friday, August 15th and Saturday, August 16th Infinite Number of Sounds and Chalk go back to back in Cincinnati and Cleveland. Friday at Cincinnati's Northside Tavern and Saturday at Cleveland's Beachland Ballroom with special guests 9-Volt Haunted House!

    Chalk has earned a reputation for its high-energy shows and irresistibly inventive musical experiments, drawing comparisons to the likes of Brainiac, Sonic Youth and Add N to X. Chalk has shared the stage with acts like Trans Am, Buffalo Daughter, Versus and US Maple, along with appearances at the North by Northeast music festival. They were awarded "Best Underground Band of the Year (CityBeat-2000)" and were listed in the "Top 20 CD's of the Year (CityBeat-2000)". They are superfuckingintense and not to be missed!

    9-Volt Haunted House features members of The Volta Sound and Throne of the Seated 3. (Trivia: Ron and I were both members of the devious Throne before its collapse in early 2001. 3 of Infinite Number's first shows opened for Throne at Pat's in Cleveland.) 9-Volt holds much of the same spirit of chaos as Throne, but shows more restraint and a greater sense of ambience, favoring toy keyboards and the Boss Dr. Sample to Throne's sheet metal clanging and on stage record player demolition. The 9-Volt Haunted House will be playing this show in support of their spanking-fresh self-released full-length CD, "Second Appropriation".

    JUST ADDED!!!! --- The August 16th show at the Beachland Tavern will also feature a special presentation of new works by Cleveland, Ohio's great experimental celluloid artist Robert Banks!

    Friday, August 15th
    Infinite Number of Sounds
    Northside Tavern
    4163 Hamilton Ave.
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Saturday, August 16th
    Infinite Number of Sounds
    Robert Banks
    9 Volt Haunted House
    Beachland Tavern
    15711 Waterloo Rd.
    Cleveland, Ohio 44110
    $5 for over 21, $8 for 18-20

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    The Columbus Connection...(07/2003)

    This July finds INS teaming up with plenty of great artists from Central Ohio... stay tuned for more info and for August when INS moves their focus a bit south towards Cincinnati!

    Friday, July 18th 2003
    INS at Skully's Music Diner
    With Wigglepussy, Indiana and Jim Bianco

    Saturday, July 26th 2003
    The Big Noise Cleveland!
    Featuring the return of Columbus' beloved Scotty Boombox!
    More information as it become available.

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    3 Days was the weekend... (06/2003)

    Friday the 13thIt is said. . . If 13 people rock the house together, all will eat rust within a year. On Friday, June 13th 2003, Infinite Number of Sounds attempted to defy thousands of years of superstition and were nearly doomed in the process! Guitar strings broke without ever being played! Harsh words nearly came to blows! Matt "Nemo Nemon" Mansbach was forever banned from the Phantasy for busting out a very loud impromptu performance piece in the middle of a very somber Goth art show! The very heavens opened up in defiance, as if in attempt to drown those in attendance! Despite the will of nature itself, WE ALL THREW DOWN LIKE A COVEN OF RABID SHREWS!!!

    Thanks to "I Hear Latinas Are All The Wear This Season In Hell" and Toledo's "Sangsara" for battling the forces that conspired against us! Special thanks to Beating Eric of "I Hear Latinas..." for performing the resurrection of "Tribal Bush People"! If you weren't there Friday, you can hear Eric with us at the next Big Noise on July 26th.

    Saturday, June 14th, The Edge 3-D Benefit at the Great Lakes Brewery was a blast! Many hundred people attended. We met tons of nice people and made some new friends. We look forward to playing this event again next year.

    Monday, June 16th. INS played to a sparse crowd at the Beachland with Moonraker. I can't say enough good things about this Moonraker. Visit their website ( Buy their music. Seek them out wherever they can be found. They are sooo good. So talented, fresh and clever. Their songwriting and musicianship are nearly indescribable, and more than that, they are really nice people. Their singer Kelli Scarr was our guest singer on EmoJoe. We had a great evening.

    Super special thanks to J. Scott Franklin, who performed each of these shows with us. Look forward to his new album release in the near future.

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    A Paraskevidekatriaphobics worst nightmare! (06/2003)

    Is Dave the Anti-Chirst?It is said. . . If 13 people sit down to dinner together, all will die within the year. The Turks so disliked the number 13 that it was practically expunged from their vocabulary. Many cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue. Many buildings don't have a 13th floor. If you have 13 letters in your name, you will have the devil's luck (Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy, Albert De Salvo and INS bass player/producer David Mansbach all have 13 letters in their names).

    Folklorists say it's probably the most widespread superstition in America (and no doubt other parts of the world, as well). Some people won't go to work on Friday the 13th . Many wouldn't think of setting a wedding on the date. Yet on Friday, June 13th 2003, Infinite Number of Sounds defies thousands of years of superstition to blow the doors off the Symposium in Cleveland, as they reprise their recent Big Noise 11 ( performance with special guests "I Hear Latinas Are All The Wear This Season In Hell" and Toledo's "Sangsara" ( INS will be joined by soloist J Scott Franklin on trumpet and by the powerful and enigmatic Beating Eric who will speak in tongues as INS resurrects the infamous "Tribal Bush People"!

    Sangsara is a stripped down, ambient duo with vocals that remind a person of "when the little girl is inside the television, in Poltergeist."

    I Hear Latinas Are All The Wear This Season In Hell must be seen to be understood. With equal parts wit and technical prowess, this duo creates surreal and musical settings to weave their debaucherous visions.

    Infinite Number of Sounds
    I Hear Latinas Are All The Wear This Season In Hell
    Friday, June 13th 2003
    11794 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH.

    Show starts at 10PM. Dress appropriately, it is code orange out.
    21+ = $5
    18-20 = $8

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    Adventures in Gigging.... (5/2003)

    Big Noise is here to stay!First, Special thanks to The Six Parts Seven (, and Judah Johnson ( and to Andrew for the great sound and to everyone we met at the Lime Spider in Akron Sunday night. It was a beautiful evening.

    Second, The Big Noise 11 was riotous smash! Flats "studs" with gold chains and drunken bachellorette parties mingled with performance art as the biker gang from "Weird Science" hurled obscenities before being tamed like cobras by Beating Eric of "I Hear Latinas...". One gigantic, bearded, bloated biker spoke in tongues and drunkenly beat himself about the head with a microphone as Eric performed a macabre dance around him as an on looking crowd gaped in disbelief! DJ Pantshead from the Evolution Control Committee ( spun ethereal mindfornicating music upstairs. JJFlux threw down! The Pathetic Slideshow Pedophile was thrown off stage by the management. People were copulating in a converted Volkswagen beetle! It was a profound experience. Big Noise itself became Art as the evening completely disintegrated. Sound intense? The Big Noise has come to Cleveland to stay.

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    Two New INS Reviews!

    Cleveland Scene Time Wants a Skeleton Reviewed in Scene! Check out the review on

    A second show review appeared regarding our March 14th show at the Hi-Fi. Check it out at

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    Big Noise 11 (05/2003)

    Big Noise Infinite Number of Sounds is playing the Experimental music and art festival called The Big Noise The Big Noise has been hosting some of the most forward thinking experimental and avant-garde musicians and performance artists since 2000. This event has been going strong every month for the past two years in Columbus, and on May 24th at the Vortex in the Flats (home the old Basement) it comes to Cleveland. The headlining acts are:

    Infinite Number of Sounds:

    Cleveland’s own Infinite Number of Sounds throws down chimerical music that has been favorably compared to both the Experimental/Postrock movement and New York’s Avant-Garde underground scene. With their seemless blending of audio and visuals they deliver one of the best live performances you’ll see.


    Big an energetic trio that incorporates many different musical generes to create a style of their own. They weave from jazz complexity to the pounding force of grindcore/thrash in order to create a truly original and engrossing form of expression.

    "I Hear Latinas Are All The Wear This Season In Hell":

    Must be seen to be understood. With equal parts wit and technical prowess, this duo creates surreal and absorbing musical settings to weave their debaucherous visions. This will be their first performance in Cleveland.

    ...additionally there will be DJ’s, belly dancing, free Henna Tattoos, art installations and various performance pieces throughout the night. The Big Noise hopes to bring a resurgence of underground and experimental art and music to Cleveland, a city with a rich history in the arts. The Big Noise is a show for the people and by the people, where experimentation and risks are highly encouraged. Typical admission has been $5.00. We hope that you will come down and celebrate with us, and we are looking forward to seeing how people want to mold The Big Noise beyond our wildest expectations.

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    Matt Inspired by Monkeys! (05/2003)

    Matt with MonkeysSaturday, April 26th: Matt "Nemo Nemon" Mansbach turned 26 as Infinite Number of Sounds played to the early bird special crowd at Cleveland's Grog Shop. "You could actually see him age" reported a fan in the audience, "it was breathtaking!"

    After hours were held at "Beautiful Beautiful Puppy Studio" where INS celebrated late into the night as the studio was overrun with 7 Geoffroy's Tamarin (monkeys), INS has on loan from the Cleveland Metropark Zoo!!!

    "The Tamarin are collectively my Muse", stated Nemo in a recent interview... "These small, endangered, diurnal arboreal monkey live primarily in disturbed forest habitats. They are curious creatures that appear superficially somewhat squirrel-like and have a wide variety of bird-like vocalizations including special alarm calls for raptors and ground dangers such as snakes or coatimundis. They are a territorial species and usually live in groups of 4-13. Their diet includes insects, fruits and flowers... Just like me!"

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    David Survives his Birthday!!! (04/2003)

    Old DaveAging INS producer/bass player David Mansbach turned 29 on Friday April 4th. Though it is true that to have been truly great, he should have died at age 27 (Hendrix, Joplin, Cobain, D.Boone) generally most early deaths are attributed to drugs and gunshots. Although statistically, he is mostly out of the running for a plane crash death, he is NOT technically out of the running for a substance abuse related death (although this is unlikely as David lives a primarily straight edge lifestyle). BUT... apparently, you are never too old to be stabbed, shot, or "fall out a window", so he will always be looking over his shoulder. It would appear that NO great rockstars die at age 29. So you can look forward to another productive year of music before he becomes eligible again for rockstar deathdom. . .

    For your reference, here is a short list of musicians cut down in their prime:

    Musicians and Tragedies/Accidents:
    Air crashes- Aaliyah (22), Buddy Holly (22), Lynyrd Skynyrd (various ages), Otis Redding (26), Randy Rhoads (25), Stevie Ray Vaughan (35), J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper)(24)

    Road accidents - Duane Allman (24), Marc Bolan (T-Rex)(30), Dennes Boon (Minutemen)(27), Cliff Burton (Metallica) (25)

    Drowning- Jeff Buckley (30), Dennis Wilson (39), Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)(27).

    Electrocution- Les Harvey (Sensational Alex's brother)(27), Keith Relf (32), John Rostill (31).

    Musicians and murder:
    Gunshot- Marvin Gaye (44), John Lennon (40), Notorious B.I.G (24), Tupac Shakur (25)
    Stabbing- King Curtis (37), Teddy Diaz (25), James Reese Europe (38)
    Assault- Sonny Boy Williamson I (34), Mia Zapata (27).
    Poisoned- Robert Johnson (27).
    Murdered(?)- John 'Jaco' Pastorius (35)

    "Fell out window"- Chet Baker (58)

    Heroin related deaths- G.G. Allin (not exactly the way he wanted to go out...)(36), Tim Buckley (Jeff's dad)(28), Darby Crash (the Germs) (22), Janis Joplin (27), Jonathan Melvoin (Smashing Pumpkins)(34), Jim Morrison (27), Bradley Nowell (Sublime)(28), Hillel Slovak (Chilipeppers)(26), Sid Vicious (21).

    Other drug related deaths- Tommy Bolin (Deep Purple)(25), Steve Clark (Def Leppard) (30), Andy Gibb (30), Shannon Hoon (28), Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy)(34), Keith Moon (31), Elvis Presley (42), Dwayne Goettel (Skinny Puppy) (31)

    Medical- Stu Sutcliff (Beatles)(21)

    Inhalation of vomit- Jimi Hendrix (27), Bon Scott (33), John Bonham (32).

    Musicians and suicide- Kurt Cobain (27), Ian Curtis (ironically of "Joy Division")(23), Michael Hutchence (37), Jon Lee (33), Jason Thirsk (28), E. William Tucker (38), Paul Williams (34). David Savoy Jr. (Husker Du)(25)

    "For their rock is not as our Rock. . ."
    Deuteronomy 32:31

    (No, we are not converting to a Christain Contemporary band... I am just racking up more bad karma. Please don't stab or shoot us, we all want to be REALLY REALLY REALLY old before we die... like Japanese Tea Garden living guy old!)

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    If a tree falls...? (02/2003)

    crowd at CMFFriday, February 21st, Cleveland Music Festival 12:30 AM at Pit Cleveland. INS plays an inspired show to a security guard, a sound guy,a Pit employee or two, local music stalwart Dougless, and INS' new Official Greatest Fan: Mike...

    Thanks Mike, Dougless, security guard, sound guy, and Pit Cleveland for making this "Showcase" a night we are not soon to forget.


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    Experience the new DIY section! (02/2003)

    Alternative PressAre you an artist, in a band or looking to release, promote, or make your own records and artwork? If so, our new DIY section is for you! The page includes links to local bands and venues, plus places to review or post your music and tons of sites filled with articles about making it on your own.

    The DIY section also includes top-notch original articles. The first is an interview with Alternative Press entrepreneur Mike Shea. Find out what it takes to make it in the industry and how he started his famed magazine.

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    Nemo NemonCheck out two new tracks from Nemo Nemon! (02/2203)

    Our resident sequencing wizard, Nemo Nemon is ready to attack the world of IDM with two new demo tracks from his forthcoming untitled release. Splendid, complete with its authorized Fugazi sample and Whampeer are now available in the listen section and on the Nemo Nemon site!

    For more information about Nemo Nemon, check out the projects section.
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    Thanks Akron!(02/2003)

    The Lime Spider

    Thanks to Honeypot & PH Balance and the Lime Spider for the wonderful show! The bands and people of Akron really made us feel at home. We look forward to returning to Akron and the Lime Spider soon.

    Special thanks to Joe who sent this "Ultimate Bulletin Board" posting by the radical "Nexus" who really enjoyed the show.

    "if you weren't there, you missed a dandy. For real. Got there early to a scant crowd while Infinite Number of Sounds was performing. I didn't pay much attention to the band as I was setting up my tab at the bar...until they started gettin sick with it! Straight up, these cats is on some ill shit. Musically, I'd say they were a mix of drum n bass, rock, electronica and hip hop. Nahh, eff that: they're just dope! They had a video screen playin visual backdrops to their music...yo. If yall get a chance to see em, I recommend it. Picked up their cd-pretty dope. Next up was PH Balance, another live band outta Atlanta. Hella dope vibe, on some jazzyfatnastiness. Then shit went ballistic. Honeypot hit the stage-providing the music for Iyan, Phonologic, Chaka, Infinity, and Gator. Everybody did their damn thang!!! Pure heat, yo. They ended with a freestyle session that got pretty sick wit it! Overall it was a dope dope dope dope ass night for music. Big up to everybody who came out. I'm tellin yall: if you get a chance to come to the next one, come on out and rock wit us here in the A K MUTHA EFFIN ROWDY ROWDY!! You'll be glad you came. word up."

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    Another Broken Ankle ?! (02/2003)

    Ron's ankle

    We are freaked out to announce the breaking of INS drummer Ron Tucker's ankle!!! This is the second January in a row an INS member has played a January gig with a broken left ankle!!! (David was broken in 2002) This "coincidence" is already a source of controversy in conspiracy theory chat groups across the internet.

    Unlike feeble three-limbed Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen, hard-core Tucker will reportedly clench the Hi-Hat with his teeth at upcoming shows! Look forward to Matt or Brent breaking their left ankles in 2004!!! (Actually Brent started the trend in 1996 when he severely sprained his left ankle!)

    Updates on this situation to come...


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    Thanks for your support at the CD Release Show! (01/2003)

    Infinite Number of Sounds would like to sincerely thank everyone who came out last night, not only to support us, but to support the Cleveland music scene. In an era when the national recording industry is floundering, it is important that people spend the time and energy to lend their support to local artists and innovators, who are the future of music in this country. In that vein, we would like to once again thank the Sump Pump Monkeys and Hedset, both of whom were fabulous at the show.

    On another note, it has been brought to our attention that several people were turned away at the door for assorted reasons, due to a mix-up between the booking agent for the show, the venue, and the bands. Initially, the club was incorrectly turning away anyone under 21. This was a grave mistake on their part, which was then corrected around 9:30 that evening. Please accept our apologies and know that we truly appreciate you coming out to see us. The Hi-Fi has admitted that the error was theirs, but that does not make up for the inconvenience caused to our fans, friends, and families who were turned away. We are very sorry.

    Thanks again to everyone!


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    INS featured on ! (01/2003)

    Infinite Number of Sounds is featured at as the January Artist Spotlight!

    The website acts as a portal to the community of synthesizer players and enthusiasts in the Cleveland area. An interview with INS will be displayed on the site throughout the month.


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